The benefits of communities for freelancers: Community, not competition

One big myth about freelancing that I now know to be a big fat fib: other freelancers are always your competition. But I get it. Especially when you’re first starting out, it can feel like you need every advantage. It might not make sense to invest in relationships with people who could provide a similar […]

The benefits of communities for freelancers: Building good habits

If I had a pound for every article or book I’ve read to help me build better habits as a freelancer… well, I still wouldn’t be a millionaire because most “productivity hacks” don’t acknowledge one of the biggest barriers to freelancer productivity: isolation. They often make productive, successful freelancers sound like self-sufficient islands, all-knowing with perfect […]

How can you increase your productivity by changing where you work?

Have you ever feel a drop in your motivation over time, compared to the start of the new project? Have you ever started a new way of organising your time, only for the energy boost to trail off within a week? You might be coming up against the novelty effect, which can sap your productivity […]

How can reflecting on your workweek help you with imposter syndrome?

Do you ever feel like it’s just luck that you ended up where you are now? When people compliment your work, do you ever fob them off with an excuse that’s nothing to do with your skills? These feelings are common and are known as imposter syndrome. It’s easy to make that assumption, but it […]

5 easy ways to find the motivation to start working

Do you have tons of things on your to-do list but don’t feel like doing anything at all? Here are five easy and actionable tips for finding motivation when we feel overwhelmed with the to-do list in front of us. 1. Clean your desk Take a couple of minutes to tidy up and clean your […]