Community Building & Online Events Strategy Consultancy

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One hour of strategic and collaborative support for your small business

Feeling stuck in your business sucks. It makes you question everything: am I doing the right thing? Should I go back to the 9-5? Am I good enough to do this?

But here’s the thing: you are 100% doing the right thing. You just need a helping hand every now and then. And that’s where I come in!

Fora Community exists to be that guiding voice in the moments of overwhelm and stress. If you’re ready to grow your business sustainably, using the untapped power of community to make your business dreams come true, I’m here to steer you in the right direction. Captain Ece, at your service!

Community building that helps you grow sustainably

 Growth doesn’t come easy. It’s no longer enough to set up your website, post on social media every now and then, and wait for the leads and the sales to roll in.

The online world is NOISY. So how can you stand out? How can you compete with the big players, the established names, the businesses with massive marketing budgets?

It’s not impossible. It just needs a little touch of creative magic…

And focusing on community building is the magic wand you need!

Community is where your people come together. Your ideal clients, people who think just like you, people who have the same hopes and dreams and struggles. It’s a safe space where they feel like they belong. And it means you can build deep, meaningful relationships, turning followers into clients and clients into brand cheerleaders.

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What we can create together

Events Strategy

Exploring which events would work for your audience, how to begin arranging the logistics of the event, and what you can hope to achieve from your event.


Not sure where your ideal client is hiding? We can dive deep into who they are, what they care about, and how you can find them, online and in person. My approach always begins with compassion, so that we can get a real understanding of what makes your client tick.

Community Building

Should you build a Facebook Group? A Slack channel? An in-person co-working space? An online membership? Using your knowledge of your business and my experience in building engaged and enthusiastic communities, we’ll get clear on where to start.

Community Management

Whether you’ve got a stagnant Facebook Group or a disengaged email list, we can fix it! Again, with a focus on understanding what makes your audience tick, we can figure out how best to reengage your ideal clients and start nurturing them into paying customers.

Events Support

Know what you want to do, but getting bogged down in the tech and the logistics? I’ve been there! I’ve managed events with so many different systems and technologies that I’m sure there’s one that’s the perfect helping hand for you. Outsource your tech worries to my brain, and you’ll leave knowing exactly what you need to do.

Here’s what clients say…

Bringing Ece onto the GW team has been nothing short of delightful. She’s a creative, smart, forward-thinking, & a natural community-builder. I’m hiring slow + intentionally, & Ece is proof that’s a good thing.
Milly Tamati
Generalist World
Ece is the type of community and events manager you want your members to meet on a miserable Monday or when experiencing a problem finding the event (which they won't if she organised it). Ece will always greeting people with a smile and try to help them as if it was solving her own challenge.
Benjamin Carew

Fora Events FAQs

However long it takes! During an initial chat, we’ll get clear on how far through the events planning process you are and where you need my support. From that, I’ll put together a proposal that confirms timelines, actions and costs. So whether you’ve been let down at the last minute or are in the very early stages of planning, I can be there from start to finish to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Well-executed events can help you grow your business, no matter what size it is! From a small startup to an established corporation, I’ve helped organise and manage events for businesses across the spectrum, and the results we’ve generated speak for themselves! If you’re determined to grow your business in a sustainable, future-driven way, running events and building an engaged community is a must in your growth strategy. So whatever size your business is, events and community can have a huge impact!

As a freelance events manager, I’m often working with a number of clients at the same time. This means that I have experience and contacts in a wide range of industries, which I can bring to your event too! During our project, we’ll have specified working times and regular meetings so that you can speak to me about any concerns or ideas you may have and I can keep you updated on the progress of our project.

It depends! Once I know the scope of the project, I’ll let you know whether I’ll be calling on my community of freelancers and other business owners to help with your project. Whether it’s a VA or a location manager or social media support, I have a trusted network of professionals that I can bring in to support your business.

The simple answer? It depends! There are so many factors to consider when planning an event – and it doesn’t end with the event itself. Often, the most successful events are those that have carefully planned out the aftermath too, including engaging with attendees, encouraging conversions, and keeping your community engaged. During our project, we’ll discuss the best approach to your event and what you can expect to achieve from it.

Another ‘it depends’ answer! Just like your business, each event is unique. To account for that, all Fora Events projects are quoted on a case-by-case basis. After we’ve had a chat about your plans, your ideas and the support you need, I’ll put together a plan for our project together, which will include a breakdown of the events management costs.

Ready to work on something great?