Welcome aboard! I’m Ece ⛵

Together, we’ll sail the seas of events and community to grow your business. Fora is all about trust, collaboration and community.

There’s a hell of a lot of negativity, suspicion and competition out there, so I created Fora Club to be a safe, professional space away from all that!


How I got here...

I’ve been a multi-hyphener for as long as I can remember. I could never answer questions like, “What’s your favourite subject at school?” or “What do you want to be when you grow up?” – because I loved and wanted to do everything!

At one point, my goal was to be a teacher during the day, a dancer in the evenings and a waitress at the weekends. I haven’t quite followed the path Young-Ece saw for me, but I bring that same sense of multi-hyphenate experience and skills to everything I do now.

I’m an engineering graduate (which often surprises people!) turned events and community person, bringing together the two (somewhat conflicting) parts of my brain: the logical, engineering-focused side that focuses on detail and processes and planning; and the creative, enthusiastic side that brings ideas, design and a human-loving skillset.


Would you like me to speak at your next gig or podcast?

I love to talk about building a community, growth strategies that are manageable, harnessing community power, creating a consistent content strategy and more…


Fora: The Journey

Fora is all about community, collaboration and opening your eyes to a whole new way of growing your business.

Harking back to my Turkish roots, ‘fora’ itself means ‘to unfurl the sails’ – which is exactly what I aim to do for you and your business!

Fora Club is a community for those who value…

Journeying starts with the first step. It’s respecting how far there is to go. It’s honouring that you need your own map, not someone else’s. It’s enjoying every pit-stop. It’s honouring the challenge of taking your first step – before you’re ready.

Peer support gives us the crew to guide us on our journey. Learning is a journey that never ends. Permission to simply observe and listen, allows us to absorb information and grow.

Events provide a place to visit, opportunities to turn strangers into support, to taste and test new experiences. To laugh, reflect and learn as we shape our lives.

Community is where we take a deep breath and crack a huge smile because our people honour and delight in our success.

Ready to work on something great?