Case Study: The MBA Academy

How does a one-man brand create (and sustain!) a community? That’s the question Rupert at The MBA Academy had. The MBA Academy has forged its powerful presence via word-of-mouth, working for 15 years to provide businesses with mini MBA courses to empower their employees and supercharge their capabilities. When it came to turning this product public-facing, for […]

Recurring Community Events: A Quick-Start Guide

If you’re a creature of habit and organisation (like me) you may have found yourself daydreaming about a more spontaneous, less structured life. One where no day, week or month is the same, and you cross whole continents in a van, making friends at every stop and eating your way through every local cuisine (just […]

Fora Events and Community — Case Study — Leapers Accountability Pod

In November 2019 I didn’t know the word ‘accountability’, but I knew I needed it. I knew there would be other people like me, self-employed and struggling with procrastination without a sense of others around them, so I started a Facebook group that encouraged people who joined to share what they were working on and […]