Virtual parties aren’t that bad

Can’t believe a whole year has passed since we had a very fun (my-cheeks-hurt-from-laughing level of fun) Christmas social with our Accountability Pod members last December. πŸŽ…

Our small community – now turned into a bff group chat, consisted of a group of the loveliest freelancers, who regularly met for coworking and accountability sessions. It was like a mastermind group where our common goal was to not feel isolated while growing our businesses.

πŸ€” The Idea Was Born…

When the holiday season approached, we all craved a celebration together. Yes, we were an online community, but who says we can’t party? We already had some fun social events together. So, I threw the idea of a Christmas party there, and of course, everyone was on board!

πŸ™Œ Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

I got help from some volunteers from the group. Together, we brainstormed and created some games – nothing boring, I promise! We went all in with a personalized treasure hunt and a custom pub quiz. It was all about inside jokes and fun facts about us (or our furry friends). 🐢🐈

πŸ˜‚ Cheeks Hurt from Laughing

It’s hard to explain how fun it was in words. Just check out those big smiles in the picture. Screenshots from our silliest moments still pop up in our chats, and we just can’t stop laughing. It was amazing to see everyone let their hair down and enjoy.

πŸ’‘ It Wasn’t All that Smooth

Of course, there were challenges. Finding a common time that worked for everyone was tricky, and sadly, not everyone could make it. And yes, not all members are into online socials – and that’s cool! We made sure to share the fun stories with them later.

🧈 Butter Made It Better

Butter was my go-to platform for this event, as always. It lets us run quizzes, polls, use fun backgrounds and more. Honestly, it made everything seamless and interactive!

From our Treasure Hunt game: I tasked groups to find these items in their house in 5 mins.

Planning something for your community?

  1. Design for Fun, Not Just Pleasing Everyone:Remember, it’s about creating an event that YOU find exciting and enjoyable. When you’re having fun, it’s contagious – your enthusiasm will naturally spread to the participants.
  2. Involve Members in the Planning:Don’t go at it alone! Get input and help from your community members. This not only eases the workload but also ensures the event resonates more with the group. When members contribute, they feel more invested in the success of the event.
  3. Opt for Smaller Groups:Smaller groups, ideally no more than 10 people, can significantly boost engagement levels. It allows for more meaningful interactions and ensures everyone feels included. Larger groups can sometimes dilute this personal touch.
  4. Consider the Existing Vibe:Tailor the event activities to match the current comfort and engagement level of your group. If your community enjoys light-hearted, silly activities, incorporate them. If they prefer more serious or professional interactions, plan accordingly.
  5. It Doesn’t Have to Be About Christmas:The essence of these gatherings is to allow downtime and foster stronger bonds. While our event was Christmas-themed, any reason to gather and unwind works just as well. Celebrating milestones, seasonal changes, or just a casual hangout can be equally effective in building trust within the community.

πŸ™‹ Let me help

Whether it’s a celebratory day, a milestone, or just a holiday hangout, let’s brainstorm together! Book an β€˜Ask Me Anything’ session with me and let’s create an event your community will remember even after 12 months.