Can we make community event descriptions more inclusive?

Can we make community event descriptions, invitations and registration processes more inclusive? Some ideas from an event I hosted last year with Butter Community (An Exclusive Experiment for Inclusive Participation):   🌞 Make sure your event description is easy to understand and free of jargon. Use simple language, and consider adding a translation option for […]

Case Study: The MBA Academy

How does a one-man brand create (and sustain!) a community? That’s the question Rupert at The MBA Academy had. The MBA Academy has forged its powerful presence via word-of-mouth, working for 15 years to provide businesses with mini MBA courses to empower their employees and supercharge their capabilities. When it came to turning this product public-facing, for […]

The benefits of communities for freelancers: Community, not competition

One big myth about freelancing that I now know to be a big fat fib: other freelancers are always your competition. But I get it. Especially when you’re first starting out, it can feel like you need every advantage. It might not make sense to invest in relationships with people who could provide a similar […]

Virtual parties aren’t that bad

Can’t believe a whole year has passed since we had a very fun (my-cheeks-hurt-from-laughing level of fun) Christmas social with our Accountability Pod members last December. 🎅 Our small community – now turned into a bff group chat, consisted of a group of the loveliest freelancers, who regularly met for coworking and accountability sessions. It […]

The benefits of communities for freelancers: Building good habits

If I had a pound for every article or book I’ve read to help me build better habits as a freelancer… well, I still wouldn’t be a millionaire because most “productivity hacks” don’t acknowledge one of the biggest barriers to freelancer productivity: isolation. They often make productive, successful freelancers sound like self-sufficient islands, all-knowing with perfect […]

Recurring Community Events: A Quick-Start Guide

If you’re a creature of habit and organisation (like me) you may have found yourself daydreaming about a more spontaneous, less structured life. One where no day, week or month is the same, and you cross whole continents in a van, making friends at every stop and eating your way through every local cuisine (just […]

Fora Events and Community — Case Study — Leapers Accountability Pod

In November 2019 I didn’t know the word ‘accountability’, but I knew I needed it. I knew there would be other people like me, self-employed and struggling with procrastination without a sense of others around them, so I started a Facebook group that encouraged people who joined to share what they were working on and […]

Top tips for hosting engaged and interactive online events

We’ve all been to our fair share of online events over the past year and I’m sure you’ll agree with me that some of them hit better than others. So what makes a good event stand out? How can you make sure that your next one engages your audience and ticks every one of their […]